Saturday, April 3, 2010

A Trip to Melchor with Shari, Raquel, and Sara

Way back in January, we were able to catch up with friends Shari and Raquel, who were some of our first guests over a year and a half ago. Shari and Raquel were here in September 2008 so that Raquel could look at the University of Belize, and she was finally ready to start this term. So, Shari, Raquel, and Raquel’s friend Sara came down to get Raquel signed up for her classes and settled into Belmopan. They were busy, but we managed to spend a day together and go shopping in Melchor, Guatemala. Shari, Raquel, and Sara picked up some souvenirs and a few other things they needed, but Tom and I didn’t need to shop for anything since the three women had come bearing wonderful gifts for us – candied nuts, pistachios, candies, and, best of all, these fantastic pink polka dot rubber boots. I’d been complaining when they were here that my rubber boots were always being borrowed, and I have a small hangup about people wearing my shoes.

So, Shari found these pink polka dot boots and figured that nobody around here would be caught dead wearing them. They’ve been serving me well for a couple of months now, and they’re yet to be borrowed, so it looks like it worked. Thanks, Shari, Raquel, and Sara!

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