Sunday, April 4, 2010

Carly & Matt

We spent a quick couple of days with Carly and Matt and Matt’s guitar. Carly and Matt had a rental car and drove themselves to Caracol, and then spent the evenings visiting with us. We had lots to talk about because Matt works for a company called, so we all had lots to share with our experiences of moving animals all over the world. And, in addition to plenty to talk about, Matt and Carly are musicians, with Matt playing the guitar and Carly singing. Matt had purchased a little guitar just for this trip so he could bring it along, and Tom and I were delighted that both nights they were here our dining room was turned into a coffeehouse with Matt on the guitar, Carly singing, and Tom and I making our feeble attempts at singing. Before dinner we’d had a brief discussion of the types of music we all like, and had been pleasantly surprised at all we had in common. Unfortunately, the other thing we found we all had in common is that while we all know lots of songs, none of us know all the words to any of them. We did lots of “la-lala-lalalaing” – and laughing – and I think the only one that we were fairly confident that we got most of the words right was Billy Joel’s “Piano Man,” and even there it took a few stops for discussion before we agreed on the order of the verses and the exact words. In addition to playing after dinner, Matt would sit on the porch of the guest cabin and play, and we really enjoyed having the background music – much better than listening to the static and Kriol on a badly tuned-in LoveFM on the radio!

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