Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Alison & Kris

After lots of planning between Alison and me, Alison and Kris arrived in Belize and spent five nights with us. On their first day, they toured Xunantunich and Cahal Pech with Gonzo, and then immediately spent another day with Gonzo touring ATM. On their third day, we left in the late morning to take a horseback ride up to Big Rock. We’d been having beautiful sunny and hot weather, and while we made it all the way without seeing a drop of rain, as soon as we got ourselves and our picnic lunch down the hill to the waterfall, it started to rain. However, it didn’t really matter since we were hot from the ride and the rain felt good – but none of us swam, even though that had been our intent. After lunch, I brought the horses home while Tom took Alison and Kris in the truck to go see 1000 Foot Falls. Fortunately they had better luck seeing the falls than our last guests who went there when the falls were completely fogged in. They hadn’t made any plans for the last day, seeing that after all this was a vacation and they figured it wouldn’t hurt to relax for a day, but after a couple of hours of relaxing in the morning, they decided to run down to the Butterfly Ranch. They came back, we had lunch, and then they and Tom went up into the Mountain Pine Ridge to Rio Frio Cave and Rio On Pools.

Alison and Kris fit right in here, and had no problem with our casual way of doing business – if they wanted ice for a drink, they got the ice out of the freezer. We may have taken it a little too far one day, as they came back from a tour as I was taking wash off the line and hanging up more – and Alison came right over to help, and handed me each item, in position to be pegged on the line, perfectly. I was apologetic, of course, and told her that she didn’t have to help, but she said that it reminded her of helping her mother and grandmother hang out the wash when she was a kid. We frequently have people tell us that they like it here because it reminds them of visiting their grandparents when they were kids, not because Tom and I are old fogies, but because our way of life is reminiscent of life in the US 30 years or so ago. We’re glad that people like it here not just because of the services we offer, but because so many people appreciate the slower way of life here in Belize.

Kris and Alison also managed to slide another day of adventure into the transfer back to the Municipal Airport for their flight to Ambergris Caye. Since we didn’t have any guests coming in, I was able to take the day off, so the four of us left early in the morning and stopped at all the gift shops between here and Belize City, as well as making a stop at the Belize Zoo after a lunch at Cheers. It was a fun day out!

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