Saturday, April 3, 2010

Will & Terry – and the Moonracer Farm Tire Repair Center

Most of our guests come here as part of a vacation, and we’re usually more than just a hotel. However, we found with Will and Terry that we can be useful just as a place for people to get a meal and a good night’s sleep. Will and Terry were driving around Belize and touring things on their own, and they planned a day at Caracol. Since we’re on the road to Caracol, they decided that we’d be a good place to spend the night before their Caracol day. So, they showed up in time for a very enjoyable dinner, listened to the howler monkeys and slept, and were on the road early the next morning.

They left their luggage on the porch of the guest cabin rather than packing it to Caracol, and when they came back to pick it up, Will told Tom that they’d had a flat on the rental car, and wanted to know where they could get it fixed before returning it in Belmopan that afternoon. Tom showed them what living in Belize does to you – he said he knew where to get it fixed, took the flat tire from Will, and pulled out his tire repair kit and bicycle tire pump. By the time Will and Terry drove up to the guest cabin and loaded their luggage, Tom had repaired the tire and was pumping it up. They loaded it into the rental car and were on their way, saying that with service like that, they planned on coming back and spending longer with us on their next trip to Belize!

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