Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Purified water by Sawyer Products!

Living here in Belize is a bit rustic.  We are off-grid with no public electric, satellite internet, and water from a “rudimentary water supply” – meaning water from about 8 miles of PVC pipe from a clean river up in the Mountain Pine Ridge.  The water is not potable from the system so we use a water filter made by Sawyer Products, Inc. (

About 6 years ago we switched from buying and hauling all of our drinking water to using a Sawyer water filter system that Rotary International was providing to people living in the area of El Progresso, Cayo District, Belize.  This eliminated the costs for purchasing potable water and also the costs associated with hauling.  We filter the water that we get from the public water system and also rain water that is stored in 1,000 gallon tanks.  Guests that visit us at our small jungle resort, Moonracer Farm, have been very pleased with the water and no one has gotten sick. 

Our original filter was slowing down after using it for so many years so we got another filter to reduce the time to fill our drinking water jugs.  We have been very pleased with the filters and highly recommend them.

Thanks, Sawyer Products, for manufacturing a quality product that helps keep us  and our guests healthy!

Friday, July 7, 2017

Check out his blog!

We spent a couple of evenings with Hana and Mark during their time in this area, and even got mentioned in their blog...with a photo!  If you want to be part of a really cool adventure, start following this blog: