Friday, June 17, 2011


This is how 15-year old Louis naps in the hammock. He was snuggled up with me, but when I got up he didn't...and this is how he ended up.

I woke him up and helped him out before he could fall and hurt himself.

The Return of the Munchkin

Last weekend, our smallest gibnut escaped through a small hole in the cage. Tom patched the hole, just in case any other gibnuts could squeeze themselves through, and we set a trap for the fugitive. We didn't have any luck until last night, when he finally fell for a quartered coconut and a mango pit. As Tom, Julio, and Eric moved the trap from outside the cage to the cage door, he jumped up and tried to bite them, but once they had the trap positioned and opened both doors so he could get back into the cage, he made a beeline for the den and his friends.


...for not blogging for so long, and to all of our guests who have been here since we last blogged. We've just run out of steam, not to mention time, and haven't been able to get summaries of everybody's visits posted on the blog. But, if anybody who has been here would like to send a blog entry about your stay - here, and in the rest of Belize - and a few pictures, we would be delighted to post it.