Saturday, April 3, 2010

Kristin & Kevin

The day Debbie and Steve left, Kristin and Kevin arrived. Fortunately they came to us well rested from the cayes, because their two days with us were packed both with tours and with being social. The first day, they went to ATM with Carlos. They had the full ATM tour plus, and were late getting back into San Ignacio, where I was waiting for them and having a beer at Flayva’s with Becky and Gonzo because Tom was on a special tour of the Barton Creek Cave with some visiting archeologists. When we got back to Moonracer Farm a little after 7PM, and just after Tom, we were met by Ron and Shelly who had been catching bats in Shelly’s mist net in our yard. So we all got an up-close and personal look at a nectar bat (sort of cute) and a mustache bat (sort of scary with lots of little teeth sticking out) before Kristin and Kevin went to their room for a shower. I invited Shelly and Ron to dinner, which we’d been meaning to do for quite a while, and that night we figured the more the merrier since we were totally disorganized and behind schedule anyway. We talked about bats and caves and archeology and artifacts, before Kristin and Kevin made their escape so they could get some sleep before their early start to Tikal the next day.

Despite a somewhat late night, they were on the road at 6:30 the next morning to go to Tikal. When they had returned from ATM the night before, they had joined Becky, Gonzo, and me for a beer, and we had made arrangements for Becky and Gonzo to come to dinner since Becky was only in town for a week. Since Gonzo was doing the pickup at the border for the Tikal trip anyway, he and Becky picked up Kevin and Kristin and they all came to dinner. We talked, laughed, ate tri-tip, and drank Belikin and rum & lime, and had another late night after a long day, but we were all having so much fun that nobody wanted to be the first to give up and go to bed.

The next morning, Tom left early with Kevin and Kristin so they could get to Belmopan to catch the bus to Placencia for the next leg of their Belize trip – and extracted a promise that when they make it back to Belize, they’ll be back to us for a visit!

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