Sunday, April 4, 2010

Erik & Rhea

We had another quick visit with made-in-Belize friends Erik and Rhea from Oklahoma on the last night that Deb and Jim were here. They spent a few nights before coming here up at Blancaneaux because Erik is working with Roni on their jaguar tracking project with the wildlife cameras. I had taken advantage of the time Tom, Jim, and Deb were out hiking to run into town and do some grocery shopping, and when I returned, Erik and Rhea were here just in time to help me get the groceries into the house. Rhea and I share a horse passion, so as I unpacked the groceries and made dinner, the time passed very quickly as we chatted about horses. When the hikers returned, they had time to clean up, and then we all sat down for another dinner of non-stop talking, trying to catch up since the last time we saw them in July 2009, and storing up some conversation until the next time Rhea and Erik get back to Belize, which unfortunately might be a while since Rhea needs to use her vacation time and “play budget” to campaign her young stallion. The next morning, Roni picked Erik up for another morning of work on the wildlife project at Blancaneaux, and Rhea helped me with chores around here while we did some more catching up. Then she was off to Blancaneaux to meet Erik for lunch before they spent their last night in town before flying out the next day.

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JRinSC said...

Wow, no wonder no one had heard from you on the blog... you guys have been busy!

Glad for you... and happy that that has been the cause for no postings for a while.

Good reading for someone stuck NOB...