Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A trip to Spanish Lookout

Here are some random pictures taken yesterday while driving from Moonracer Farm to Spanish Lookout, a Mennonite community where we do some of our shopping.

01 – Driving down the Western Highway, one of the 4 major roads here in Belize.

02 – The army base at Central Farm.

03 – Cows in a field, these are not like the cows we were used to in the US.

04 – Road to the ferry to cross the river to get to Spanish Lookout. The ferry can take 3 cars at a time, and takes about 15 minutes for a round trip. If there are more than 6 cars in front of you it is faster to go back out to the Western Highway, head east, and cross the river on a low bridge. More miles but faster.

05 – The trees here host so many other plants and animals each tree is like an entire ecosystem.

06 – On the hand crank ferry crossing the river. We were lucky, the ferry was on our side of the river with no cars on it when we pulled up; that rarely happens. We started across with just our vehicle on the ferry but ended up going back to pick up another vehicle that pulled up just after we left the shore.

07 – Our destination, the other side of the river.

08 – View of the Belize River from the ferry.

09 – Typical transportation in Spanish Lookout.

10 – Caribbean Tire where we have purchased new “sneakers” for Tinkerbell.

11 – Back end of Tinkerbell in the Farmers Trading Center parking lot – FTC is a cooperative in Spanish Lookout.

12 – FTC new hardware department and checkout section.

13 – Hillside Welding Center where Tinkerbell periodically goes to get rejuvenated.

14 – The Esso gas station in Spanish Lookout where we normally buy fuel.

15 – Another tire store in Spanish Lookout. We think there are over 5 tire centers in Spanish Lookout, not sure how they all stay busy enough and support buildings like these.

16 – Looking south down Center Road in Spanish Lookout, we live in those mountains.

17 – Houses for sale. They put these houses on trailers and truck them just about anywhere in the country. We live in a house made by this company.

18 – Universal Hardware – they sell all sorts of hardware, large machines, mowers, generators, appliances, etc.

19 – Guys riding in the back of a truck to weight down the lumber so it doesn’t slide out.

20 – The bar in the town of Duck Run I. There towns called Duck Run II, and Duck Run III as well.

21 – A typical house outside Spanish Lookout.


Julian in SC said...

Thanks for the trip to town. I haven't gotten as far west as where you live (yet) so it is very interesting to see a place that I have read about many times.

I did notice that the same people built your ferry as well as the two just like them up by Corozal - going over the New River to Sarteneja. LOL

I even got talked into doing the hand cranking -- 300 turns on the second ferry!


CheekyMare said...

Looks like we had the same idea. ;)

How did we miss seeing each other.

Terdal Farm said...

Thanks for the photos. We've never been to Spanish Lookout.

sandy a said...

i miss Belize....:(

Julian in SC said...

Hope nothing is wrong with you two. Haven't seen a post in a good while. Please all of us voyeurs know that you are ok!!