Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Jessica & Aaron

We started our Christmas rush a week before Christmas when Jessica and Aaron arrived from Texas. They left Texas literally as soon as Jessica finished her last final, and spent their first night at the Zoo.

Tom picked them up and they went cave tubing and zip lining on their way here. If our guests want to go cave tubing and/or zip lining, this is usually how we recommend that they do it – on their way to or from Belize City somehow, whether their origination/destination is the Zoo, the airport, the water taxi, Jaguar Paw, or whatever. Transfer costs, and thus expenses, are high here, and it’s cost prohibitive for us to take people out and back from here to Jaguar Paw just to do these activities, which aren’t all that expensive themselves. In any case, Jessica and I had worked that out a long time ago, so they were ready for the adventure. Tom got to tag along and do both things, which were both firsts in a way. It was the first time he went cave tubing as part of a small group rather than a cruise ship mob, and he said it was much nicer – and he was available to take pictures for Jessica and Aaron. The zip line is new since we both went over a year ago, and he said this new zip line is also an improvement – more, longer runs. He was glad Jessica and Aaron didn’t mind him tagging along, and they all had a good time.

That night at dinner, we had a minor catastrophe – I served spare ribs for dinner, and as Aaron was pulling the meat from one of them, he lost a cap on a tooth close to the front. Fortunately for him it wasn’t very painful since he’d had a root canal on the tooth, but it was slightly painful for Jessica to watch him smile. Hence the turned head or sly grin in most of their vacation pictures, unless Aaron was photographed from a distance!

The lost cap didn’t prevent them from setting out on a horseback riding tour with Selwyn the next morning. It was a drippy morning, and as I was shaking out the ponchos to pack, this big spider fell out of one of them. Selwyn and I looked at each other to determine if we should even point it out, and decided “what the heck.” Good thing, since not only are neither Aaron nor Jessica scared of spiders, they both relished the experience of picking it up to get a good picture of its size. They rode the vista loop, and were lucky enough to encounter a swarm of coatis squeaking across the trail, always an entertaining sight to see.

In the afternoon they went birdwatching, and in addition to seeing a bunch of birds, Selwyn helped them spot a howler monkey high in a tree not too far from here. Tom and I were incredibly jealous since although we hear them regularly, we haven’t seen one since we’ve been here. The things you get to see when you’re a tourist!

Jessica and Aaron’s too-short stay ended the next day, and Tom delivered them to the Municipal Airport in Belize City where they caught a plane to Ambergris Caye where they enjoyed beach and sun for the rest of their vacation before returning home on Christmas Eve.

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