Friday, January 22, 2010

Dawn, Chris, Cara, Jeff, Ann, & Patrick

The day Virginie and Catherine left, we had to do a quick cleanup on the cabin in preparation for an entire family’s two-night stay with us. Dawn, the mom, had traveled with her partner Chris from Australia for a few days of diving in Roatan before traveling to Belize to meet Dawn’s adult children, Cara and Patrick, and their significant others Jeff and Ann, who had flown in from their homes in the US. They rented a big, black, Ford Excursion – Tom had major truck envy – and drove from the airport to here, arriving Sunday night. We had a great time getting to know each other at dinner that night, and the next morning they all piled into their Excursion early in the morning to head to Tikal in Guatemala for the day.

They got back from Tikal after dinner in San Ignacio that night and invited us over to their cabin for a nightcap on the porch. They came equipped for a family party, so we had a really good time sitting on the porch and talking and acting like guests while they were the hosts! The next morning we had a big breakfast before sending them away to see if they could catch an ATM tour from San Ignacio – which they did. We hope they can come back to Belize and spend more time with us!

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