Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Elinore & Maria

Elinore and Maria were supposed to arrive from Boston just after Jessica and Aaron left here, but unfortunately Mother Nature interfered and the big Boston blizzard delayed their arrival in Belize by two days. All of us were bummed – they were only spending two full days here anyway, and we’d spent a lot of time before their trip emailing back and forth to figure out the best activities for them in those two short days, and had narrowed it down to Caracol and horseback riding. Fortunately, we were able to extend their stay by one night when they did arrive so they at least had one full day, but still had to make the decision about what they would rather do, go to Caracol or go horseback riding.

They chose Caracol, and since things always work out here in Belize, Gonzo had a group heading up that day so he picked them up in the morning and they were able to spend a very relaxing day touring the site and swimming in Rio On Pools. Although the weather here is now very cool and rainy, Mother Nature at least smiled on them while they were here and provided brilliant warm sunshine – some compensation perhaps for cutting off two days of their vacation! They were then off to Ambergris Caye for a few more days in the sun before heading back to chilly New England.

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