Sunday, January 10, 2010

Happy New Year and Weather

Happy New Year to all our family and friends!

Ok, so the weather up north is hitting everyone really hard, especially the US. We used to live in the country south of Rochester, New York, USA and were used to the cold (well, at least I was, Marge hated the cold, that is why we are so far south now). My favorite temperature used to be 10-20 Fahrenheit while I was working in the barns, cutting and splitting firewood, and driving horse drawn sleighs. I didn’t even wear a coat to work all winter, no matter what the temperature or wind chill (it would get down to less than 0F for at least 1 week in February). But, right now it is 55 degrees outside, which for everyone, including the snowbirds in Florida, is quite balmy. However, we have a couple of huge disadvantages, and anyone that has come here can vouch for this:
• We have louvered windows that don’t seal and we aren’t used to shutting our windows.
• Our outside walls have cracks to let the outside air come in, there is no insulation in the walls.
• We live in shorts and t-shirts year round (we have only a couple of long sleeved shirts and long pants).
• Our main footwear are crocks without socks.
• We have no heating systems in our houses – NONE!
• Whatever the temperature is OUTSIDE, that is the temperature INSIDE! Think about heating your house to 55F right now.

I know we won’t see snow (at least Marge hopes not) and I don’t think our plumbing will freeze, but my feet really are cold since I don’t wear anything on my feet when in our house (a custom here which we have gotten accustomed to).

So, yes, it is cold out, and we are feeling it too. However our iguanas aren’t freezing off the trees and our pipes are not bursting, but we are feeling the cold too.

I am still puzzled though, aren’t we suffering global warming? Wait, don’t inundate us with responses, that is just a rhetorical question!

We will be blogging more in the next week or so. We have had a nice busy spell with guests over the holidays and have been catching up with a lot of loose ends. We also got to the Offerings Cave again just after the New Year and will blog about that very soon as well.

We hope everyone had a great Christmas and New Year. We did, and we are enjoying our life here in Belize more and more as time passes. We miss our family and friends over the holidays but we are making some new friends and we are feeling very much at home down here in the jungle.

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Terdal Farm said...

I know you asked not to be inundated with responses, but hopefully one is acceptable. This web animation from NOAA shows where in the world it is cold right now--and where it is unusually warm:
So, while it is cold down there, it is warm in Greenland. Relatively.
On a personal note, I used my hoodie sweat-shirt for the the first time in Belize Sunday at sunset while on the deck of the Belcove Hotel. The wind was blasting out of the north. Brrr!