Friday, January 22, 2010

Giant Lemon

Over the holidays, a friend from San Antonio gave us this giant lemon from his tree. That’s a full sized dinner plate under the lemon!

Our friend told us that the giant lemons are great for making candied lemon rind, so that’s what I did. I peeled the outside lumpy part off the rind, then dug out the pulp, then sliced the rind thin and soaked it overnight. The next day I boiled it for ten minutes, then added the same amount of sugar as the weight of the boiled rind, and when I put it back on the heat and stirred it the rind magically became translucent and soaked up the sugar. After drying it on waxed paper, it was just like the candied lemon peel you get in a candy store – go figure!


sandy a said...

WOW! My hubby would be in 7th heaven with that lemon! He makes some great brined lemons that are used in Moroccan cooking a lot (He lived there when he was a kid), especially tagines!

Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm Wilma's husband, she comments to you every now and then. Amd I have been lurking in the background enjoying your blog.

I have a question regarding "The Lemon". I presume it must have been growing in San Antonio, Belize. Correct?

Reason I ask is that we will be moving to "Englishtown", 1 mile north of Monkey River (great beach), and we have been told numerous times that lemons cannot be grown in Belize.

Could you clarify please.

Thanks, Dennis

Moonracer Farm said...

Hi Dennis - Yes, it was growing in San Antonio. After not seeing any lemons here for about 2 years, in the past year or so we've started to find a few sources. This is the first giant lemon tree we've found - and we know where to get you and us a shoot from it - but we've also found a few other people who grow lemons. We've become used to just using all sorts of the limes that grow here, but the occasional lemon is a treat. Marge