Monday, July 7, 2008

Table Progress

Selwyn and I have been busy on the tables. Since we don’t have a power miter box, we measure our angles and cut them with the 18V DeWalt skillsaw, it really does the job well and is an easy saw to handle and work with all day.

This is a picture of the first table we made without the Plexiglas. The top is tongue in groove wall paneling of solid sapodilla. It is not as dark red as older sapodilla but still very solid. This wood was used by the Mayans to make door lintels and are currently found, 2000 years later, still solid as rock. It amazes me that they were able to work the hardwoods without the tools that we have today. The base for this table is made from purple heart.

This is the sapodilla and milady table and also has a purple heart base.

And this is a Jobio top. This table base is made from Jobio.

Our last table we just finished is made from prickly yellow (the lighter wood) and we aren’t sure what the darker wood is. Selwyn knows the tree in the jungle but not the name of it. I am sure we will find out soon.

Some other progress:
Selwyn has passed his tour guide courses with the Cayo Center for Employment Training (CET). All he needs to do now is get a couple of apprentice tours under his belt, file paperwork with the Belize Tourism Board (BTB), pay the annual fee, and he will be licensed!!!!

We have also planted grass in the back pasture since it has been raining so much and we are starting to see little sprouts shooting up (not worth taking a picture since it still looks like a dirt patch). We have been told that if the grass takes hold, which is looks like it has, we should have grass as tall as we are within three to four months. The horses are going to LOVE this. We will keep you posted.

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Kay said...

Tom, the tables are coming out *beautifully*

hey, when y'all & Selwyn get done, if you have any spare time... can I order up a table?


hugs, Kay