Monday, July 21, 2008

The Summer of Surprise Babies

After being home for a week, I’ve pretty much settled back into my routine, although I had one big surprise along the way. Rosa, the middle sister of the three eldest Morales girls, had a baby while I was gone! It seems to be the Summer of Surprise Babies around here, at least for us.

While in the US, I picked up some small containers of maple syrup from Vermont for our friends and neighbors here, and a few games for the kids. When I asked Hector when a good time to deliver them would be, he said Saturday afternoon, and then I could see Rosa’s baby too! I, of course, jumped all over Tom for not telling me this very exciting information, and found out that he didn’t know either. In fact, we didn’t even know Rosa was pregnant, and Tom had been over there for dinner less than a week before the baby was born.

It seems that Rosa didn’t want anybody to know outside of the family, and she wasn’t very big anyway, so she kept to herself for the last couple months and dressed to hide the baby when she was around other people. The baby is a boy who weighed about five pounds at birth. They haven’t yet decided on a name, although they need to do that by Thursday when the family is scheduled to go to San Ignacio to register the birth.

Tom and I were a little worried because he’s very mall and skinny and very quiet, but everyone next door assures us that he’s eating and doing fine, and nobody there seems worried.

Marta is happy to be a grandmother, Maria is thrilled to be a great grandmother, and Hector is delighted to have another boy in the Morales house. Zulmi and Marixa are a little out of sorts because they’re no longer the babies of the house, but even they’re susceptible to the baby’s charms. Tom and I had to laugh yesterday afternoon because Marixa came over for a visit, all by herself. We aren’t sure if she’s just now feeling grown up enough to do this since she feels so grown up compared to the baby, or if she just wants a little more of the attention she’s used to, and since she isn’t getting it at home she came over here.

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