Monday, July 7, 2008


Some of my favorite things about living in Belize are being able to wake up to the sounds of the birds starting their day around 4:30am, roll out of bed around 5, feed the horses year round without bundling up for the snow/ice/sleet/freezing rain, picking some oranges off a tree, and sitting down to local eggs, fresh homemade bread, and drinking fresh squeezed orange juice. After breakfast, before we start working, we usually sit and watch the birds from our screened in porch while drinking our tea. Marge is much better at birding than I am since I am color blind and can’t see all the colors and identifying marks. This makes it a bit frustrating for me, but I am trying to learn the local birds.

This small orange tree is just outside the horse tack shed and I have been getting five oranges a day off of it for juice for the past two weeks. It looks like I have about another week or two of oranges left. I missed using about two weeks of oranges from this tree when they were just getting ripe since we had some left over oranges from the harvest. And we have a couple more citrus trees that just blossomed (remember the blog entry regarding snow) so we should be getting a lot more fruit in the coming months.

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