Monday, July 21, 2008

Supporting the Military, Belizean style

As we were leaving the Morales house, a whole line of Belize Defense Force trucks was stopped and lined on the road. One of the trucks, a big Ford F550 with a big cargo back, had an electrical problem and wouldn’t start. All the trucks had to be back at the base near Belize City, so they were towing that truck with an identical truck using a small, probably half inch, steel cable. The cable was fraying and they were trying to figure out some way to tie it so it would make it to Belize City. Always helpful, Tom offered them the use of our big tow chain and the bolt cutters to get the fraying steel cable off the truck. They were happy to take him up on the offer, and after retrieving the necessary items from our house, Tom helped them get the cable off the truck, with the help of at least six or eight armed soldiers. As they were cutting the cable, a couple of other soldiers were tinkering with the engine, and they suddenly got the truck started. Tom advised that they take the chain anyway provided they return it next time they drive up the road, and all the soldiers loaded back in the trucks so they could get going before the truck stopped.

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