Monday, July 21, 2008

The fight against mud…

I forgot to mention one big improvement Tom and Selwyn made while I was away. Tom got sick of the dogs dragging mud in the house from their yard, so he had a load of gravel delivered.

Unfortunately, the load had to be dropped in front of the house, and Tom and Selwyn had to haul it wheelbarrow by wheelbarrow to the dog yard in the back of the house.

But, once the gravel was in the yard, the dogs stopped dragging mud into the house. Plus, it’s way easier to clean. I scoop what I can, and then just flush the rest down through the rocks with the hose. That won’t be the best solution in the dry season, but right now it works great.

The dogs love it. The Ruckus Twins and Recona play a game where she runs as fast as she can around the outside of the yard, just about flying, and they race around the inside. If you blow up the picture, you can just see Recona’s tail disappearing off the left side. We can always tell when they’re playing, even if they’re not barking, because two big dogs moving fast through the gravel makes a lot of noise! And we love not having mud in the house, in our bed, and on us all the time.

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