Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Somehow this slipped through

A few weeks ago, we hired a father and son from Guatemala to stucco the cinderblocks on the bottom of the shop. They did it, inside and out, in a little less than three days. What was amazing was that they did it while we didn’t have any water in the pipe, so they knew they couldn’t make extra cement, and everything came out just about perfectly. And, the water came back on the afternoon when they were done, so they were even able to get showers and get all the cement off themselves. Part of their payment while they were here was that they ate meals with us, so Tom and I got to continue our Spanish lessons and learn to speak with and understand people other than our neighbors and other people who know us well. When we get our Permanent Residency stamps, we plan to go into Guatemala to shop at either Melchor or Flores where we’re told we can get cheap paint, and we’re going to paint the shop yellow with blue trim.

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