Monday, June 16, 2008

Bah Humbug

Happy Fathers' Day, Dad. I have been trying to email you via your Bellsouth account and I am a "Blocked Abuser of Email". Luckily you still have your Juno account and that is where I am sending your email at this point. Hope you can get Bellsouth to let me send you stuff. I have been getting bouncebacks to go to this website, provide IP addresses, etc. I have been doing some of it and I have to turn off the electric, gas is costing us $5.50/gallon right now and climbing rapidly so we are trying to minimize our electric usage.

By the way, we have been trying to email Del in GA, he uses Bellsouth, and all our mail to him is blocked as well. This is not just between the two of us, it looks like Bellsouth doesn't like those of us living in Central American jungles!

Sorry about the public forum for a personal matter but at least we have the blog.

Love to both you and Mom.

Tom & Marge

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