Tuesday, June 24, 2008



We have been here for exactly 18 months plus 3 days. We put in our COMPLETE application, with all the documents they required, 4 months ago having complied with all the requirements. It has been a learning experience in where to get some things done, like where is the police station in Belmopan, where you get a blood test done, where to get a physical, what is involved in getting a police background check, where to get copies (very important) and some other minor things. All good things to know so that you can find these places in the future if you need these other services.

So, tonight we are going to celebrate. Marge is going to have a rum drink and I will have a Belikin Stout (oh, we do that every night). Then, after dinner here on the farm, we are going to have a wild night of cribbage, which it is Marge’s turn to “whup my butt.”

Anyway, all is well here and we are happy to finally be permanent residents. We’re not sure if this makes Nock, Lou, and Mel permanent dependent residents, but at least Stout, Beli, and Recona are citizens by birth – so they’re ahead of us! Not to mention the horse herd, soon to be expanding we think…

(By the way, we are not losing our citizenship with the United States of America just in case any of you are wondering about our level of patriotism.)


Sandy A. said...

COngratulations!!! After wading through all the red tape you must be so relieved and happy!

Julian Foster said...

Great news... I'm happy for you five individuals!!

I sent another person on a forum your way who was curious about any recent work on some local road near you. I thought that it would perhaps be of use to perhaps meet another landowner in the area.

Anyhow... congrats!