Monday, June 16, 2008

Deep fried Flor de Izote…mmmmm

It’s the season for the Flor de Izotes to bloom, and last week Ronald, the professional tree climber, climbed the ladder and trimmed all the flowers off of the trees. The flowers can be prepared as food in a number of different ways, and Tom was in the process of giving all the flowers to Ronald with instructions to have his mother send over a little bit of whatever she made with them. I showed up and requested the smallest flower so I could try to cook it all on my own, explaining to Tom that if someone offered him the option of a few nice pieces of hardwood or a finished piece of furniture, Tom would probably choose the wood to see what he could do with it. I decided to batter and fry the flowers, which was one of the ways Maria, Ronald’s mother, had cooked them for us last year. I mixed up an egg batter, coated the flowers after they’d been pulled off the stem and washed, and threw them in my wok full of hot oil. They were very yummy, a lot like deep fried artichoke hearts. I guess almost anything is good if you fry it, so next time I’ll try something else with them since I think they’d be good cooked almost any way that you’d cook artichoke hearts or asparagus. And they don’t even make your pee stink!

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