Friday, June 20, 2008

Finally, the 1st table

Tom here again.

Marge has been after Selwyn and I for months (lots of months according to Marge) to start making tables so we finally got our first one done today. It took two days to build, including ripping the lumber and figuring out how the design would work. The rest should go a bit faster since we had to figure out all the measurements as we went along.

I seem to be able to visualize the end product and can make it as we go, but I don’t know the measurements and can’t draw so I just have to build what I see in my head, then I can explain it to Selwyn. It is kind of frustrating but Selwyn and I have been working together for over a year now so I don’t have to tell him to do some of the routing/sanding while I am working on how to make the next piece.

We have put Plexiglas on the top of the table to protect it from water and make it a smooth surface for glasses and bottles. Our table tops are going to vary as we make more; this was the first and therefore the easiest to make.

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Sandy A. said...

I like the table too! The plexiglass is a good idea.
Y'all are giving me ideas for furniture for our house when we build it!......not that I can actually build furniture! HA!