Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Since people always ask, I’ll just say up front that the weather here has been beautiful. We had a run of perfect, sunny, 80 degree days, then a few days when it was cool and rainy, and now we’re back to 80 degrees and sunshine. The cool rainy days were actually kind of refreshing, and let us get caught up on inside stuff that we don’t like to do since we both still want to be outside when it’s nice. Of course, when it goes down in the high 50’s at night we now sleep with a sheet, a thermal blanket, a quilt, and two Jack Russells because we’re so cold, but that’s kind of …nostalgic. And then it warms up again. We are heading into the hot and dry season, when we’ll have more than our fill of 100 degree days and we’ll be wishing for rain, so we’re enjoying this in-between weather while we have it. And, I still check the weather reports for NY, so I’m feeling bad for everybody up there with that nasty, cold, icy, snowy weather. I started out gloating, but now I just feel bad – but I’m still glad to be here instead of there.

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