Tuesday, March 11, 2008

New front gate

We now have a new front gate, set back from the road. The old gate was not only falling apart, but also didn’t look very welcoming as you drove up the road. Tom and Selwyn set the cabbage bark 6x6 10 foot posts (approximate weight of 300lbs per post) last week, and Tom built the gates in his “spare time” after Selwyn left from work at the end of the day and on the weekend.

Tom set four fence posts Sunday evening towards the shop side of the gate and we are planning on training the hibiscus onto the barbed wire fence to make a nice natural visual block of the water tank and generator shed. We’re putting a people and horse gate to the side of the driveway gate, and we hope the area that’s now open at the end of the driveway will allow the birders who frequently stop on the road to pull in and get out of the road on our blind curve.

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