Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Our next scheduled guests…

We have an official booking for Easter weekend – for NINE guests! Our friend Marjie who came here with her fiancé Chuck in October (and who used her awesome therapeutic farrier skills on NessaRose, who is now so sound I’m considering putting a saddle on her to see what she knows) is coming to Belize for Easter, and is going to bring a Belizean family she has befriended to our place. Lots of stuff is going on in Belize on Easter weekend, so we’re planning to go to the horse races in Burrell Boom, watch a bike race, and I don’t know what else. It will be busy, but lots of fun.

So, we’re again in a mad rush to get ready for guests. I can’t wait to get to the point where we’re not rushing to get ready for every next guest. But, for every guest that comes, we see things that we can do better for the next guest, and those things frequently involve undoing or redoing something we’ve done, which takes time we haven’t really accounted for in our mid-range plans. For example, when Mark was here and we were trying to keep the room clean, we noticed that a line of sawdust reappeared across his pillow after I dusted. When we looked, we realized that one of the boards – directly over the headboards of the beds, of course – was infested with pinworms, which would leave their little trails of sawdust. So, although the first room in the guest cabin was “done,” we stripped everything out of it, including curtains and bedding, so Tom could spray the whole cabin with Dursban again. It’s not a bad idea to do it anyway once in a while since it keeps the creepie crawlies out, but we would have rather not had to do it after just one guest was there, but we had to do it right away so the smell would be gone before Marjie’s crew comes for Easter.

The smell is already waning, and Tom and Selwyn should be able to get in the cabin in a day or two to finish the final touches on the back room. And, they can build the back steps, and put up the screen doors, and put up the toilet paper holder, and…did I say that cabin was almost done?!?

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