Monday, March 31, 2008

Victims of the Government (she said with a smirk…)

Part of the reason we were able to get as much done as we have over the past week and a half is that our nine guests for Easter had to cancel the week before. Everybody around here likes to blame the government for all of their woes, so now we can jump on the bandwagon since the government is to blame for our cancellation. The woman who was bringing eight other people was planning to be in Belize to close on some property she is buying in the north of Belize. After the elections in the beginning of February, the Lands Department put a hold on all title transfers for land that has been titled in the past five years during the previous party’s term in office because the current party suspects that land that should not have been titled was titled in return for political favors. Some of the land in question is conserved land or forest preserves, and I guess the theory is that if somebody was granted the title in return for a political favor, and the land should have remained in the country’s possession, the title will be revoked. I have no idea how much land the current party is de-titling, but our friend says she isn’t worried about her parcel, it’s just an annoying and expensive delay since she had to change her flight reservations to the end of April, when the Lands Department should have this all finished. This should work out better for us; we were a little anxious about our first big booking being for so many people, and now we’re just hoping we can get a few smaller parties in here to practice before we have so many people at one time. What we’re really hoping is that Marjie’s land deal goes through without any further difficulty or delay.

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