Tuesday, March 11, 2008


We now have new steps on the guest cabin. The steps on our cabin are okay, but they get slick when they’re wet or muddy, and they’re a little steep. The new steps are 12x2 sapodilla planks, and they’re very solid. We joked that if a hurricane ever hits here, the entire cabin will be gone, but the steps will still be stuck where they’re mounted to the front porch. Tom has ordered the wood to build a similar set to the back porch of that cabin, and if we ever get enough ahead that we’re not in a panic trying to finish things to get ready for something, we may replace the steps on our cabin.

Sharon Matola of the Belize Zoo wishes that we already did that job. She was here a couple of months ago on a cool rainy day to talk about the cage donation, and as she was leaving she slipped on the steps. She went down fast and landed with her back on the steps, and did some nerve damage, which she just figured out last week after a visit to the doctor to find out why she was still in pain after a couple of months. But, she was here today with Tom Pascarello from SUNY Cortland to talk about SUNY Cortland interns coming here, and she told us that she’d written a song about falling down and getting old and not healing as quickly as she used to. After lunch, Tom P pulled out his harmonica and Sharon got out her guitar, and they played the song for us. Sharon and Tom have done a CD of some of the music Sharon plays for and about the animals at the Zoo, so we can now say that Moonracer Farm has had live entertainment by international recording artists!

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