Sunday, June 20, 2010

Meredith & Mark

Honeymooners Meredith and Mark from Boston spent the last few days of their wedding trip with us. They did their trip the opposite way of most of our guests, spending the first few days on Caye Caulker, and then heading inland. They realized that the inland part of their trip would require more physical exertion, but decided that they wanted to chill on the beach for the first few days because they needed to relax after a hectic couple of weeks just before their wedding. By the time they got here they were well rested and ready for adventure!

Tom picked them up at the Belize Zoo’s Tropical Education Center and took them to Jaguar Paw to go cave tubing. They were here by mid-afternoon, and spent a few hours relaxing around the farm before dinner. On their first full day here, they went to Caracol with Selmo. Besides finding Caracol interesting, they were happy to spend the day with Selmo’s family, who went along for the ride because it was Sunday, and Belizeans can tour the archeological site for free on Sundays – which gave Mark and Meredith a chance to get to know a few more native Belizeans. The next day we took them to Georgeville in the morning to meet Gonzo for a trip to ATM, which they thoroughly enjoyed. After ATM, instead of being picked up in Georgeville, they went into San Ignacio and spent a couple of hours wandering around town and picking up some souvenirs for family, and Tom picked them up just before dinner.

Tom and I had a good time talking to them because although they now live in Boston, Mark is from New Jersey, and Meredith went to med school in Philadelphia. Since Tom and I grew up in New Jersey not far from Philadelphia, we spent a lot of time talking about things we have in common from living in that area – and laughing because Mark still has the strong Jersey accent that we’ve managed to shed after not living in the area for close to 30 years!

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