Thursday, June 17, 2010

LM vs. Marge: End of Round II - Marge is leading

Marge is making progress with her LM. The other day she completed the second set of 5 shots to rid her body of the little critters. Dona Celia, a local woman from the village of 7 Miles, has been doing the injections, part in the area right around the sore on Marge’s shoulder and the balance of each vial in the butt (ouch, what a PIA).
After the injections around the sore the area is quite tender even though those injections are done with very fine needles. In the beginning Marge was thinking that the IM shot in the butt was going to be the worst part since the needle is bigger but part way through the course of the shots she changed her mind and preferred the butt shots to the shoulder.

The sore is getting smaller at this point and closing up. Marge went to Dona Celia yesterday just for a visual checkup and Celia said that it was looking better, no more shots at this point, come back on Sunday so we can see how it is after 6 days of no shots. Note: Marge went to get the checkup without my help, and did fine conversing only in Spanish, she is learning Spanish faster than me.

Needless to say, Marge is very relieved. She is maintaining her jungle prescribed diet of no dairy (tough since she likes her own homemade yogurt), very low fat (not a problem), and no alcohol since the meds are tough on the liver (not easy since we now have bottles of tequila lined up ready for Marge when she get better, our excuse for going to Melchor to get the drugs).

So we are keeping our fingers crossed and hoping that on Sunday, just after our current wave of guests depart, Marge can toast good riddance to her nasty jungle scarfus.

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sandy a. said...

I hope it's gone! I just watched a Discovery show about a man who got LM near the Dallas area. That isn't too far from here. Apparently it is more prevalent in Texas than I thought! ugh!