Sunday, June 20, 2010

Jenn & Derek

Way back in November, we donated a night’s stay and a day of food for two people to the Belmopan International Women’s Group as an item for their silent auction at their 2009 Annual Dinner Dance. We received a very nice Certificate of Appreciation shortly after the dinner, but we never heard who, of if, anyone placed a winning bid for the night at Moonracer Farm.

Finally, in the beginning of May, Jennifer emailed us. She and her husband Derek had placed the winning bid, and they were ready for their night “away.” They have lived in Belmopan for the past four years, and Jenn is the principal of the Belize Christian Academy and Derek is a teacher there. They’re heading back to the US in July because Derek is going back to school, and they wanted to come stay with us before they left.

They came on a Friday night with their little dog Mia, and we had a very nice dinner and lots of interesting conversation about all of our experiences in moving to Belize. They’ve been here just a little bit longer than Tom and I have, so we found that we had many common experiences, and that we’ve met a lot of the same people – and our views on just about everything are remarkably similar.

They ran into Santa Elena in the morning, and then returned here for lunch. After lunch, we did a quick tour of Ka’ax Tun, mostly so Jenn and Derek could see it and talk it up for the teachers at Belize Christian Academy so they’ll consider bringing their classes to visit. They had to leave fairly early in the afternoon because Derek is the light and sound man for productions, and he had to go prepare for a dance recital on Saturday night.

However, before they left, they booked another night, this coming Friday, so they’ll be back for another quick stay. Tom and I are delighted that they’re choosing to spend some of their last valuable weekends in Belize (for now) with us, and we’re really looking forward to another evening and day of getting to know them better.

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