Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Quick - 1st full day with our "oldest" friends

Rich and Sarah arrived yesterday and we had a great time catching up on family stuff yesterday afternoon and evening. Today we decided to do a little caving and hiking in the jungle.

Marge with her "oldest friend"(LOL), Richard. They were friends before they were born (their Mothers were friends and pregnant together). I came on the scene years later, in the 1st grade, at Titusville Elementary School but then had to transfer to Bear Tavern for grade school.

Here are the escorts we had on the hiking trail from Rio Frio cave to a couple of other smaller, more exciting to explore caves nearby. The guards are always at the caves in that area in case there are problems with illegal immigrants coming over the border. We had quite a "safe" feeling when going through caves and not knowing exactly what is in the next chamber. Alberto, in the solid uniform was used to the jungle having grown up in southern Belize. Kenny, in the camo, said this was only his second time in caves. We all had a good time exploring that afternoon.

We will keep you updated on the "25th Anniversary" gala events.

(obviously posted by Tom - the Non English major)

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