Friday, July 24, 2009


In the "Mango and Avocado Season" post below, I said that some of the mangoes we're picking "probably weigh almost a pound each." I was wrong. I just got out the scale and weighed one, and it was a little over FOUR pounds. I can make a pie out of one mango!

That is, of course, provided I don't just devour them. The other night I made some mango salsa from fresh mangoes and lime right off the trees, intending to put it over chicken breasts. I had to replan after I ate the whole bowl of salsa with a spoon before dinner. Oops.


Brenda Liz said...

LOL..... very funny, I remember mangos that big from my childhood in Puerto Rico =) I got your email and can't wait to meet you guys. Like you said, the better timing to meet will be in Hopkins, I will email you our info, I will be more than happy to get a room for you guys there..let me know.

Julian in SC said...

I do things like that sometimes -- but, unfortunately it is not fruit that I usually use!!!! (involves more crunchies and salt) LOL

Sounds like you're still having fun. Has the lack of electricity over the whole country caused you any problems up your way??


MoonracerFarm said...

Brenda - we can do it as a day trip, so let us know when you get there.

Julian - Yes, we're still having fun, and no, the electricity problems haven't affected us - one of the joys of being off the grid. Actually, from what I've heard, the problem wasn't as bad as they originally anticipated.

Anonymous said...

OK... Are you still going to have Mangos when we come in December? Mango Salsa is My FAV!


MoonracerFarm said...

Unfortunately, no mangoes in December. When the season is over, they're completely gone from the country until they start to get ripe next year. It's a bummer!

Anonymous said...

Can some? ;)