Friday, August 28, 2009

Marjie and Chuck Moving In

We had one week between the time Tom got home with Marjie and Chuck and the time Rich and Sarah were scheduled to arrive for our 25th anniversary celebration vacation. That was a busy week. We spent a day getting them, their stuff, and their camper moved from Inglewood Campground on the Western Highway west of San Ignacio to our place, another couple of days getting them unpacked and temporarily set up here down by the shop, and then Marjie had to fly back to the US to retrieve her parrot, Puppy. See her blog for details on the traumas of importing a parrot into Belize. While she was gone, Tom and Chuck worked on turning their trailer into a storage shed, and on clearing our back cage field and putting in a driveway so that they can drive the Winnebago back there and set up housekeeping. They own land in northern Belize and will eventually get a house built and move up there, but in the meantime, Marjie is going to do some work with the horses at Blancaneaux, so our back field is a good base for them. It’s going to take a few more weeks to get them moved back there, but in the meantime we’re all working on what has to get done back there, and they’re getting settled and working out the last details of their move.

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