Friday, August 28, 2009

Too Busy to Blog

The past month has been very busy, and we haven’t had any time to blog while jumping from one thing to another. At the end of July, Tom flew north to visit with his parents for a few days, then flew into Atlanta to visit with our friends Del and Vicky and my brother Pete and his family before picking up a car and driving through Mexico helping our friends Chuck and Marjie move here.

Tom is in the process of writing a blog entry about that, so I’ll leave the details to him, and you can check out Marjie’s blog. I stayed here to mind the fort. We have this place set up so one person can run it pretty comfortably, but it’s just a little time consuming, so the two and a half weeks Tom was gone went quickly since by the time I got up, took care of the six horses, five dogs, four gibnuts, then did all the chores and maintenance tasks that need to be done just about every day, it was dark before I knew what happened and I was ready for bed fairly early in the evening every night. We didn’t advertise that I was going to be here alone, mostly because I thought it would be more work to handle the many offers of help I would have received than to just get everything done myself every day. I indulged in being a recluse, and enjoyed plowing through a pile of books as I read at every meal, and managed to only go out for supplies once while Tom was gone. Making only one trip out wasn’t really planned, but the time in the middle of the period that Tom was away was very rainy, so the Macal and Belize Rivers were flooded making the trip to Spanish Lookout even longer than usual, so I put off my errands until just five days before Tom returned.

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