Sunday, May 3, 2009

Mysterious Orbs

As we were looking through Margaret’s photos with Gonzo, he pointed out that many orbs are in the photographs of the caves she had visited while here. We spent an interesting half hour or so each drinking a beer, blowing up the orbs in a photo shop program, and seeing what we could see in them. I then googled “orbs in photographs” to see what the “experts” say on this subject, and found that the jury is hung as to whether they’re dust motes in the photos or something paranormal. You decide…you can blow up the pictures by clicking on them, and then copy them into a photo app of your choice to blow up and manipulate the orb images. Have fun!

The orb is in the lower right corner of the picture. This one is interesting because it’s not inside the cave where the flash could create orbs from dust motes. Of course it could always be a drop of water on the lens…

More orbs outside the cave in a picture taken at a different time before they got in the canoe to go into the cave.

Orbs were photographed inside Barton Creek Cave as well.

For what it’s worth, this picture is part of a series of pictures snapped relatively quickly in sequence, and the orbs are only in this one.

This is on the beach inside the Rio Frio Cave, which we visited on our way to Caracol.

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