Sunday, May 3, 2009

Dursban. Blech.

Now that Margaret has returned to Virginia, Tom and I don’t have any guests booked for a couple of weeks. So, we’re taking advantage of the time off (although it doesn’t feel much like the vacation type of “time off”) to take care of some things around here. Top of the list is to Dursban under the cabins, since we’ve had an explosion in the number of creepy crawlies which have been invading the cabins over the past few weeks. We’ve seen up to three or four scorpions a night (although not every night) as well as a number of spiders, roaches, bees, chinch bugs, and assorted other pests with whom we don’t choose to share our living space. Tom spent this morning raking under our cabin and spraying, and he’s holding off on spraying the guest cabin until we decide if we’ll be able to sleep in our cabin with the smell. So far it doesn’t seem too bad, so if all goes well Tom will spray the guest cabin within the next couple of days, then we’ll give it a couple of weeks to air out, and then we’ll be open for business again, minus the creepy crawlies.


Anonymous said...

Prior to the EPA ban of the product, I used Dursban to treat my lawn and perimeters of my home, which was far less expensive (and much more effective) than the exterminator; however, I can no longer purchase it. Can you please tell me where you purchased your Dursban?

MoonracerFarm said...

We purchased it in Belize, where it's available in all the ag stores. You're not in Belize?