Thursday, May 28, 2009


Well, it woke us up around 2:23am this morning, Thursday, May 28, 2009. At first I (Tom) thought Recona, who was locked on the front porch, was scratching a lot and shaking the house. Then I realized, no, it is a LOT more shaking than that! We were a' shakin' for at least a minute, enough time to wake up, wonder what was up, go to the window and look out at the pitch black jungle in the middle of the night, and ponder how long do these tremors last; to us, it seemed like a very long minute. Nothing scary though, just wondering if our house would fall into the ground since caves are all over in Belize, and the whole place is undermined with limestone. Not sure how much we would have felt it if we didn't live in a house on stilts!

We have heard that there is a major fault in the Caribbean that is way overdue for some major shifting. Who knows, we had a major quake in Upstate NY while we were there. In the Adirondacks there were roads that had 2-3 foot shear rises or drops.

We will keep you posted! Travelers shouldn't change your their travel plans though (as far as we know), this just adds to the excitement in life! One of the advantages to living back in the bush is we don't have electric lines to come down, phone systems to fail, or huge buildings to come toppling down, however there are some tall water towers setup for the towns.

We really feel bad for the water board in the town of Independence. The UDP illegally ousted the PUP water board last year and the courts last week declared that the old PUP water board should be able to take back over. In a report we just read on, the water tower in Independence collapsed due to the quake. Bad luck for the PUP water board coming back in, I am sure that the water problems are all going to be blamed on them now.

Also, we are wondering if we can apply to NEMO for road much needed road repairs to the Georgeville Road!

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Rich said...

The Gods are simply getting all their feistiness out of their system before we arrive.