Sunday, May 3, 2009


Tom’s other task is to take Bluebell back to Bravo Motors for the well child oil change and checkup. We laugh because when we lived in NY we drove so many miles that it seemed like one of our cars was always in the shop for its checkup and oil change, but here, for the first time ever, we passed the time milepost for the oil change before the mileage milepost. Unfortunately Bravo is almost two hours from here in Belize City. Fortunately Bravo is quite responsive and schedules the maintenance at our convenience, although we’re bumming a bit now because since we’re in the down season most flights only arrive and depart on weekends, when the Bravo service department isn’t open, so we can’t combine an airport pickup with an oil change. But the little truck uses a lot less gas than Tinkerbell and we can always find something else to do while we’re out, so we’ll make it worth the trip.

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