Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Woodshop Projects

Over the past few weeks, in between guests, Selwyn and I have made 4 more suitcase stands and 2 beds for Mark’s house. Since he was coming down this time with the entire family, he needed more furniture.

I am always amazed that we can take just ordinary looking lumber down here, cut it up, sand it, and then assemble it to make very pretty furniture. We have not been staining or finishing the wood since the wood is so hard and beautiful when left natural.

Not sure the next wood shop projects are going to be. I have bedside tables to make, chairs, and a wardrobe for Marge & I, so we have a place to put our clothes (we are still living out of the plastic drawers we bought for the camper). I have also been talking to some people about making some furniture for their homes. Who knows, maybe we will become Moonracer Farm and Furniture!

And, to facilitate the furniture building, we just took scrap lumber and made some very sturdy workbenches for the shop porch.


sandy a said...

The "Farm and Furniture" idea is a good one, Tom--you and Selwyn really know how to make some nice-looking stuff

Leanne said...

Oooh - I have workbench envy!

We've been building 8 beehives, including complicated floors, roofs etc., using only a plastic BBQ table. I'd love a workbench like that!