Sunday, April 5, 2009


We moved directly from the cool rainy season into the hot dry season. The temperature was over 90 every day for the past week, although it’s hard to complain with all the sunshine. It’s been so hot that our candles melt!

We’ve also moved directly into forest fire season, with one fire in the Mountain Pine Ridge the week before last that caused some guests to pack up and leave Five Sisters Lodge, and one this week that had Hidden Valley and some of the farms around there very worried. We went out gallivanting on Thursday because Marjie was here, and we ran into Melina who owns Bull Run Farm near Hidden Valley, and she said all of their workers were dedicated to fighting the fire. We then went and had a great lunch with Rich and Cindy in Belmopan, and on the way home, we could see the smoke spreading from the Mountain Pine Ridge. On Thursday evening the three of us went to Blancaneaux for a beer, and when the sun set, we could see the glow of the fire through the hills. People are a little worried because it’s also been windy, so the fires have been able to jump roads and creeks that would normally contain them. We’re having another hot and sunny day today, so Tom and I are planning to head up to Big Rock for a swim this afternoon, so we’ll see what the fire status is then.

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