Saturday, April 25, 2009

Ariana, Josh, Rachel, & Ian

This past weekend we had a fabulous time with Ariana, Josh, Rachel, and Ian from Massachusetts. This was their first visit to Belize, and they wanted to spend some time in Cayo seeing the archeological sites and wildlife, and the rest of their vacation on the coast in Hopkins, where they could do some water activities and some more hiking in the jungle, along with a bit of beach time.

While they were here, they took a hike with Selwyn to Big Rock Falls, where they swam and ate lunch. Tom met them there with Bluebell, and as soon as they got here they jumped in their car and took off for Barton Creek Cave. They did the amazing ATM tour the next day, followed by a full day at Caracol with stops at Rio Frio Cave and Rio On Pools.

As if that wasn’t enough activity, the morning they left we saddled up Ness and Tony and Tom and I walked while Ariana and Josh rode to the Green Hills Butterfly Ranch.

Rachel and Ian drove down and we all took the tour, complete with lots of photographs.

Josh is an amazing photographer with incredible patience.

But we still had to rely on Tom with his old Sony Cybershot to get this picture of the butterfly landing on Ariana’s arm!

Because they live in northern Massachusetts and spend most winter weekends skiing in Vermont, we knew lots of places in common. And, they brought us real Vermont maple syrup, so we could really enjoy our waffles!

We also now have a whole box of books and school supplies which Tom and I will be taking into 7 Miles this week where they are much needed – so we have to thank Ariana, Josh, Rachel and Ian for all the stuff, as well as for giving us a really fun weekend. They promised another visit to Belize, and we’ll do our best to continue to remind them of that promise!

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