Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Haircut Lessons For Marge

Marge has been grooming horses and dogs for years but had never attempted to cut my hair. Now that we live in the jungle, I hadn’t had my haircut since Tamis was here around Christmas around 4 months ago, and the only ones we have found to cut my hair are the local kids, she decided it was time for her to put her “skills” to the test.

Armed with a Wahl hair clipper set, complete with a set of directions on how to be a successful hairdresser (LOL), she went to work.

Now, my favorite part about getting my haircut was that I can sit and watch the birds right in the horse pasture as Marge went to work. I made Marge stop when I spotted the small bright blue bird we have been trying to identify as she was shearing off the locks on the back of my head. My LEAST favorite part of getting my haircut us we have to run the generator (but we had to run water up the hill anyway so we made good use of the big generator being on) and we have to listen to the noise.

After some finishing touches, here’s the end result. Man, I now feel like a horse that has traveled from NY in the winter to FL and had my winter blanket cut off; nice and cool. Marge was worried that she wouldn’t get it to come out right but I reassured her that SHE was the one that had to look at my hair all the time (not ME) so what do I care? Also, if she REALLY messed it up? Well, we could just get out the Gillete and shave it all right down and start again, it will keep on growing back and, besides, it would be a bit cooler that way!

End results in my book, “Great job Marge”! Now she can become a beautician here in Belize. Next she can start practicing on my nails and callouses.


sandy a said...

pretty good haircut, Marge!

Mom said...


"Like father, like son", you are a brave son and husband to trust two adventurous women who will try anything, even cutting your hair.

Way to go, Marge!

Your haircutting Mom.

Anonymous said...

Look great! I can't cut hair at all. Have butchered my kids before and Dad had to fix it!


Perry and Mischelle said...

Just wanted you to know we have added your site to our links and hope you get business from it. Keep up the good work. We hope to visit you late this year or early next year.

Margaret said...

Hubba, hubba! Nice job, Marge! Can't wait to see you guys!!!!

Stef said...

Haha, I actually cut Clemens' hair at the weekend for the first time, too! Our kitchen scissors did unfortunately not come with instructions, but I can recommend "How To Cut Your Man's Hair" on YouTube ;-)
Maybe I should try our cat next...