Monday, February 11, 2008

We’re Well Protected

Our bedroom opens onto our back porch, which opens onto the fenced dog yard. We never put a screen door from the porch to the yard, and at night we generally sleep with the bedroom door open so the dogs can go in and out as they want. Usually, that works just fine. However, a couple of nights ago, Tom and I were startled awake by a big ruckus in the yard of barking, snarling, snapping 80 plus pound puppies. Tom sprang out of bed and grabbed a flashlight, and ran to the door. He could see the puppies fighting with each other with something between them, so he ran back into the bedroom for his slippers so he could run out and see what they were doing. As he was heading in for his slippers, Beli followed him in and Stout stayed out in the yard. From the porch, Tom could see Stout hunched over something, worrying it and still snarling. Tom went into the yard, and pulled Stout off his quarry…a sock one of them must have stolen from the laundry hamper!

It’s good to know that if any miscreant socks with bad intentions scale the seven-foot dog fence and try to get into our house, our guard dogs will take care of the problem!

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