Monday, February 11, 2008


We’re at the point in this project where we’re not seeing any giant steps in progress, even though everything we’re doing needs to be done before we can open. Tom and Selwyn have been doing the finish work in the second room of the guest cabin, and the devil is, as they say, in the details. The walls and ceiling of the second room are complete, most of the shelves are up, the bathroom vanities are finished, and Tom has just a little bit of tiling to do in the shower and then I can grout it. Selwyn needs to screen the porch to the second cabin, and they need to build stairs for both rooms, and they have one more bed to finish…and that’s about it.

We’re taking a trip to Belize City tomorrow to drop our paperwork off at the BTB, and we’re hoping to pick up the last piece of paper we need for our residency applications in Belmopan. It’s taken longer than expected to get our police records back, which may have been a good thing because while we’ve been waiting I met a woman who lives with her husband in Succotz, a village on the other side of San Ignacio near the Guatemala border, whose blog explained to me that the income tax form required for our permanent residency applications is really a form that must come from the government’s income tax division saying we’ve never filed income tax in Belize. We just weren’t going to submit anything for that requirement, but I think Kay’s blog has probably saved us a return of the applications and a couple of trips to Belmopan.

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