Monday, February 25, 2008

Things I forgot to say in the last blog

Typically I post the blog stuff, then leave that webpage up so Tom can look at it while I make dinner. As we did that last night, Tom pointed out that I completely neglected to post our progress on the guest cabin and the property, which we do as much for ourselves so we can go back and track our progress as we do for everybody who wants to know what we’re doing.

Anyway, the progress report is that the front room is completely done, even down to the little piece of shower grouting that I needed to do, and the back room is done except for a few shelves, screening the porch, and putting up the steps. The generator is [finally] just about to be moved down near the road, and all the workshop stuff, like the table saw and lumber stock, is following the generator down to the shop. Our friend Mark from Minnesota is coming down this week and is going to spend his first night here rather than trying to get his house open when he arrives here in the evening, so it looks like we’re getting all cleaned up just in time for our first guest now that we’re legally open!

The other thing Tom got a kick out of that I neglected to mention is that we’ve had a few different people contacting us because they’ve been reading the blog. Most of these people – a couple from London, a man from Colorado, a couple from California – have contacted us via email, but one gentleman showed up at our gate because he drove to Belize and is just poking around for a couple of months, and since he’s been reading our blog he figured he’d stop by and say hi since we don’t have phone service here. We’re delighted to be contacted by all of these different people, and are glad people are reading and enjoying this blog, and hope people are finding it useful and informative.

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