Monday, February 11, 2008

Miscellaneous Updates

Nock seems to be doing fine. We’re still giving her the pills for her liver, but she’s been off the anti-vomit medication and the antibiotics since the end of last week, and she seems to be back to her normal self, jumping in the air higher than the counters while she’s waiting for her food bowl to be put on the floor. We’ll take her back to the vet for blood tests in a couple of weeks, and see what’s going on with her then.

My leg is also healing, but slowly. I spent much of last week limping around, which seems ridiculous for a wound caused by a simple puncture, but in the last couple of days it’s been draining and seems to be less annoying. The worst of it is that it’s right where the tops of my rubber boots rub the front of my calf, so I haven’t been able to wear my favorite footwear in over two weeks! Fortunately it hasn’t been raining too much so I haven’t had a serious need for rubber boots, but they’re still convenient to slip on to go out in the horse pasture or walk through tall wet grass in the morning.

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