Sunday, April 1, 2007

A pleasantly uneventful couple of days

We had a quiet and uneventful weekend. I didn’t enforce our half a day a weekend of recreation because Tom needed to get the stairs to the deck and into the first cabin done. He figured he lost about two and a half days of work during the week, between running between here, San Ignacio, and Spanish Lookout, and with the truck debacle, so he was pretty wound up about getting the cabin into condition so we can move out of the camper. By Sunday afternoon, he had finished the stairs up to the deck, and from the deck into the cabin. His plans for the week are to get the roof on the tool shed, finish framing the bathroom/kitchen addition, and get the roofs on the deck and the kitchen/bathroom additions on the first cabin. He went into San Ignacio on Saturday to see if they had any of the siding wood; they didn’t, but they said if it came in during the week, they would deliver it. We keep saying we have about two weeks of work to do until we can move into the cabin, and we keep pushing the two week timeframe out, but it really might be about two weeks at this point.

My plans for the week are to finish clearing the pasture fence line, and maybe start weed whacking through the brush so we can completely clear at least one of the three pastures and plant grass. Selwyn may be bringing his mare here to turn her out with Esmerelda, and we just heard this weekend that the guy whose house we tried to buy is selling one of his horses. The only details we have are that it’s a palomino and costs $400BZ, and although we saw the horse when we looked at the house, we didn’t notice much other than that it was dirty, thin, and had a lot of ticks. We don’t even know its age or gender, so I may take a ride down the road on Esmerelda one day this week and stop in to say hi to David and see if he really wants to sell the horse. If it’s not too old and is reasonably well behaved, we can deal with the feeding and grooming issues. A bath works wonders, the tick spray and a little picking seems to get rid of the ticks within a week, and some sweet feed, hay, and worming can fatten a horse up pretty quickly. For the equivalent of $200USD, what can we expect? We also found out that Esmerelda’s sire is an Arabian from a breeding farm on the Western Highway, and her dam is a local San Antonio mare. This really doesn’t matter as far as Esmerelda is concerned, but at least we know so that if we end up really liking her we know where to go to find similarly bred horses.

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