Monday, April 9, 2007


The view to the junction, before

The view to the junction, after

Tom, the Energizer Bunny, clearing the fence line

We now have baby coconut trees lining the driveway. I gathered the sprouting coconuts from under the big trees, and Tom planted them on Friday evening.

A baby coconut tree, up close

Sour sap hanging right on the tree trunk. When ripe, people around here love to squeeze the fruit for the juice, which is sort of tangy sweet. I can't think of anything quite like it. Some people also just eat the fruit, but we've tried it and found that while it tastes great, it has a lot of seeds, and the texture of the fruit is something like raw fish - not very appetizing!

Sour saps hanging from the tree branches

Everybody at Caracol. Front row: Wilton, Zulmi, Daisy, Marixa. Middle row: Olmi, Damion, Iris, Ofelia, Marta. Back row: George, Ronald, Tom, Marge

Zulmi, Tom, and Marge



Iris being a Wish Willie, with Zulmi

Marge, Marta, and Olmi. We're laughing because Tom and Damion were above us, and just called us "las tres muchachas," which translates roughly to English as "the three chicks." Middle aged women who are married and have children aren't usually called muchachas!


George, Wilton, and Ronald on stairs to the top of a partially excavated temple

Daisy and Tom near the top of a temple

Damion, Tom, and Zulmi

Daisy and Marixa

George, Wilton, and Ronald in a tomb. George and Ronald are making Wilton tall!

The whole family on a bench at Caracol, left to right: iris, Damion, Ofelia, Olmi, Daisy, Sulmi, Marixa, Marta, Wilton, George, Ronald

Iris, Daisy, and Ofelia looking into a tomb at Caracol

The bathroom wall, framed.

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